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About Me
Jimmy Mackin   Picture that kind of looks like me.

I am a 30 year old male suspect living in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  I didn't have any picture of myself so I started to draw one but then I got tired so I looked online for a picture of someone else that looked like me and this one was pretty close of those I saw but like I said I was tired so I didn't really look that long but of what I found it was closet to what I could find that looked like me so that was pretty much kind what I look like. Maybe later I'll finish my drawing or get batteries for my digital camera but every time I do before I put them in my camera the batteries in the TV remote control go dead so I put them in there instead so I probably will wind up finishing the drawing first but only as long as I can find a Crayon that is the right color because I am not purple and don't look like Barney and people in here always eat all the brown and lighter colored Crayons first, then the dark ones and only leave the purple Crayon because no one likes grape becuase our medicine is grape flavored and we can't have Pencils because people eat the Crayons and they are worried about the lead poisoning from the pencils.